Plug Lockout/Pneumatic Lockout (Box Type)

  • Isolate pneumatic energy without the expense and inconvenience of installing in-line lockout valves. These box type pneumatic lockouts are applied to the male fittings, isolating equipment from all compressed air sources.
  • Accommodates male air hose connectors as well as their electrical plugs (110V, 220V, 550V Plugs).
  • 4 padlocks can be applied.
  • Ensures that the male air hose connectors & the plug can’t be used until the lock is removed. Available in 2 sizes.
  • The unit has been developed to fully enclose electrical plugs to prevent a machine being energized. The plug sits inside the unit with the cable being fed through an access hole.
  • The small unit is suitable for a variety of electrical connections up to 40mm diameter, with a locking mechanism taking up to 4 safety padlocks.
  • Small 110V plug lockout: comes with 13mm diameter hole for cable.
  • Can be used as Pneumatic Lockout and Plug Lockout .
  • Part No. Description Dimensions
    LP110 Small Plug Lockout (Single Point) 85mm x 50mm x 50mm
    LP550 Large Plug Lockout (Multiple Points) 160mm x 90mm x 95mm
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Technical Specifications
Group/Classification Lockout Devices
Purpose Electrical Isolation
Name/Trademark Pneumatic Lockout (Box Type)
Colour Red
Material Polystyrene
Feature(s) Non-Conductive
Quantity Per UOM 1
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