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Rhoda Harris
                                            Company Director

                                            Rhoda established Hartac Sales and Distribution with her late Husband,
                                            Russell Harris, in 1969.
                                            As a Director of Hartac, she is actively involved in day-to-day client liaison
                                            and is keenly focused on ensuring the highest level of customer care is
                                            given by the Company and its staff.

                                            Phil Harris
                                            Company Director

                                            Phil Harris joined the family business with a degree in Information
                                            Systems / Business Management from Curtin University.
                                            The timing for Phil’s arrival was impeccable because increased business
                                            growth was threatening to out-pace the administrative capabilities
                                            required to underpin the growth. Phil’s education and background
                                            facilitated the selection, introduction and fine-tuning of an appropriate
                                            computer based management information system, which in turn has
                                            enabled the business to meet developing trends towards E-commerce and
                                            paperless communications between Hartac and its customers.
                                            In a bid to understand all facets of the business Phil applied himself to
                                            learning the ropes at shop floor level and he is still willing to roll up his
                                            sleeves to ensure that a customer’s needs are fully satisfied.
                                            With 20 years’ experience, Phil’s current focus is to uphold the respected
                                            business reputation, gained over 45 years, identify opportunities within
                                            emerging markets and to identify innovative product and service solutions
                                            for existing and potential customers.

                                            Jim Horton
                                            General Manager

                                            I am proud to be the GM of Hartac, a company with a totally focused
                                            customer driven philosophy.
                                            We strive for consistent competitive pricing, high quality and on time
                                            delivery for a company that dispatches up to 90000 items every month in
                                            support of the resources industry we know we have the right people and
                                            Hartac design, manufacture and deliver directly to the end user. There are
                                            no other resellers or distributors. You get the products we make at the most
                                            competitive prices.

   4                    W:        Free call within Australia  1800 427 822                                                               Free call within Australia  1800 427 822  W:
                                                                                                                                                                               +61 8 9373 3700
                                                                        +61 8 9373 3700
                                                    International enquiries
                                                                                                                                                           International enquiries
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