Page 6 - Hartac Flip Catalogue 2014
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                                HARTAC AND HARTAC PRODUCTS

                                •  Design and manufacture of Signs, delivered directly
                                    to the end user. No resellers in the middle.

                                •  After 45 years in Signage design and manufacture we
                                    still have repeat customers that continue to buy after
                                    all those years.
                                •  Online ordering via our E-Commerce website.

                                •  Custom Sign Generator allows your on site personnel
                                    to create their own specific custom sign 24/7 and hit

                                    the button to order.
                                •  Quadrem/Ariba Transacting.
                                •  Well established DIFOT Delivery Principles and Hartac

                                    is a company you can rely on.
                                •  The cost of design proofing is included in our delivery.
                                •  There is no minimum charge!!!

                                    HARTAC is proudly a distributor of the following leading brands:
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