CodeSoft ® 10 Label Design Software

    With CodeSoft® 10 Label Design Software, design and print custom labels for product identification and tracking.
    Create fast labels for safety, tracking, brand identification and more.
    Increase safety and ensure code compliance with rating plates, Arc Flash labels and other safety labels.
    With the CodeSoft® 10 barcoding features, you will be able to track inventory, data or lab samples.
    You will also be able to create name plates, push button labels and more for your entire organisation.

    No special training is required with CodeSoft’s powerful yet easy-touse features.
    Label design and database import wizards mean you can be printing your custom labels within minutes.
    The ability to define colours and patterns for text and image objects and create or add Rich Text File (RTF) objects means you have maximum flexibility in terms of label design.
    Data management features include the ability to import from multiple database connections, perform queries (e.g. print selective records) and encode complicated labels.
    PN Description
    116254 CodeSoft® 10 Enterprise - Keyless - Electronic Delivery
    118119 CodeSoft® 10 Enterprise - USB Keyed
    - CodeSoft™ 10 Enterprise HKEY (USB Connectivity) offers the most text editing and barcode features, and incorporates security features. This is the best choice for advanced database importation and integration with third-party programs.
    116255 CodeSoft® 10 Pro - Keyless - Electronic Delivery
    118120 CodeSoft® 10 Pro - USB Keyed
    - CodeSoft™ 10 Pro gives you the tools you need to design and print labels with ease, including text, barcodes, graphics, and fixed or variable data, using user-defined or database-driven information.
    116256 CodeSoft® 10 Runtime - Keyless - Electronic Delivery
    - CodeSoft™ 10 RunTime is a print-only version that allows users to quickly and easily print labels, but not manipulate them.
    116257 CodeSoft® 10 Network 3 - Keyless - Electronic Delivery
    - CodeSoft™ 10 Network gives you all the features of CodeSoft™ 10 Enterprise in a networked configuration. Also available in versions for 5, 10 and more users.

    Features Pro Enterprise
    Print-Only Access Option For Selected Users *
    Number Of Connected Printers 3 Unlimited
    Network Version *
    UNICODE * *
    Printer Code Converter * *
    Multi-Level Undo -40 -40
    Auto Save Document * *
    Password (One Level) * *
    Hidden (Unprintable) Objects * *
    Graphic Formats Import *
    Colour Support *
    Colour Graphic Reduction * *
    Graphic Barcodes All All
    Native Printer Barcodes * *
    Circular Barcodes *
    TextArt * *
    Rich Text Fields (RTF) *
    Listfield *
    Object Positioning * *
    Command Line Options *
    Label Preview *
    Multi-Level Password Protection *
    Full Justify * *
    Preview Graphics/Labels * *
    Multilingual Support * *
    Export Label As A Graphic *
    Import from FTP *
    Word Hyphenation Option *
    Long File Names *
    TCP/IP Printing * *
    OLE Objects * *
    Fit To Frame Option *
    Grid View/Print *
    Rf Tag Management *
    Lock/Unlock Objects *
Increase value Decrease value
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Technical Specifications
Group/Classification DIY Printers - Brady Sign & Label Software
Purpose Software For Sign & Label Printer
Brand Brady
Name/Trademark CodeSoft ® 10 Label Design Software
Material Various Delivery Method
Feature(s) Version: Enterprise, Pro, Runtime, Network 3
Quantity Per UOM 1
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