Oxidising Substance Cabinets (Yellow) - 30L

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  • An Australian Design: For dual door Safety Cabinets that require sequential closing causing the under and overlapping safety seal – has been revolutionised by the SEPMAR (patented) sequential closing device.
  • The SEPMAR Closing System: Has only one moving part independent to the doors which are free to move 180 degrees to the outside panels without restriction to the sequential closing system.
  • Quality: The range of SEPMAR Safety Cabinets is a superior quality to any other in the market with a fully welded sheer smooth body, stronger, a professional finish with powder coat paint.
  • Safer: The dual door sequential closing device uses alloy contact points – NO SPARK RISK. Also included are four corner underside levelling bolts or metal skids for the 160 & 250ltr. Sizes, anti-static wire and three (3) point door latch and handle lock.
  • Ease: Doors open 180 degrees to easily remove shelves, one shelf fits all for the two door cabinets.
  • 1 Door, 1 Shelf, 30L Capacity (Under Bench).
  • Weight: 53kg.
  • Holds 12 x 2.5L Winchester Bottles.
  • Dimensions: 505(W) x 800(H) x 500(D)mm.
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Technical Specifications
Group/Classification Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets
Purpose Oxidising Agents Cabinets
Brand Sepmar
Name/Trademark Oxidising Storage Cabinets - 30L
Colour Yellow
Material Metal
Feature(s) Under Bench Cabinets
Size 505mm x 800mm x 500mm
Quantity Per UOM 1
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