Electrician’s Mini Lockout Pouch

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  • Circuit breaker lockouts are an effective and affordable solution for electrician’s carrying out day-to-day work. This lockout kit includes a combination of lockouts for older style breakers and more modern DINN style breakers, reducing the need to carry multiple kits.
Quantity Contents
1 Mini Circuit Breaker Pin Out Standard (90844)
1 Mini Circuit Breaker Pin Out Standard (90847)
1 Mini Circuit Breaker Pin Out Wide (90850)
1 Mini Circuit Breaker Tie Bar Lockout (90853)
1 No Hole Circuit Breaker Small (65396)
1 No Hole Circuit Breaker Large (65397)
1 Universal Multi-Pole Lockout (66321)
1 Danger Do Not Operate - Poly Tags (842377)
1 Danger Out Of Service - Poly Tags (842375)
1 Lockout Jaws 25mm (65375/1)
1 Lockout Pouch (65292)
1 Red Brady Safety Plus Lock 38mm with Label (850821)
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Technical Specifications
Group/Classification Lockout Kits & Stations
Purpose Lockout Kit (Pouches/Carry Case)
Name/Trademark Electrician’s Mini Lockout Pouch
Quantity Per UOM 1
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