Lockout Wall Cabinet

  • Constructed of a light gauge steel and painted a highly visible yellow, these Lockout Wall Cabinets will help remind your employees to lockout and ensure that they have the equipment to do so. Available in three convenient sizes, making it easier for you to have the right number of locks and lockouts for each department or area.
  • Keep lockout supplies stored in one convenient cabinet. Lockout devices and tags sold separately, purchase one of the component kits to suit cabinet size.
  • 3 Sizes Wall Cabinet for selection.
  • Dimensions: 203(W) x 178(H) x76(D)mm.
  • Dimensions: 203(W) x 279(H) x76(D)mm.
  • Dimensions: 305(W) x 406(H) x76(D)mm.
  • Part No. Description
    839942 Lockout Wall Cabinet only - 178mm
    839943 Lockout Wall Cabinet only - 279mm
    839944 Lockout Wall Cabinet only - 406mm
    50159 Lockout Wall Cabinet Kit - 178mm
    50160 Lockout Wall Cabinet Kit - 279mm
    50161 Lockout Wall Cabinet Kit - 406mm

    50159 KIT CONTENTS
    Quantity Contents
    25 Lockout Tags
    4 Keyed Differently Padlocks
    3 Lockout Hasps - (2 Safety Lockouts, 1 Dual Lockout)

    50160 KIT CONTENTS
    Quantity Contents
    25 Lockout Tags
    8 Keyed Differently Padlocks
    4 Lockout Hasps - (2 Safety Lockouts, 2 Dual Lockout)

    50161 KIT CONTENTS
    Quantity Contents
    75 Lockout Tags
    20 Keyed Differently Padlocks
    9 Lockout Hasps - (6 Safety Lockouts, 3 Dual Lockout)

    * Aluminium padlocks supplied in component kits.

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Technical Specifications
Group/Classification Lockout Kits & Stations
Purpose Wall Cabinets
Name/Trademark Lockout Wall Cabinets
Quantity Per UOM 1
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