Master Lock Deluxe Lockout Station

  • Durable construction ensures long life in your facility.
  • Covered compartments protect devices, keep dust and grime out.
  • Upper and lower sections lockable to ensure devices are there when needed for lockout. Add a combination lock for simple access control.
  • 16 hanger clips hold 2 padlocks or lockout hasps each.
  • Moveable dividers in top and bottom trays help organise devices.
  • Holes provided along the bottom for optional peg hook hangers, use to hang large, bulky devices.
  • Lockout kits combine and organise commonly used electrical lockout devices.
  • Part No. Description
    S1900VE410 Master Lock Deluxe Lockout Device Station with Accessories
    S1900 Master Lock Deluxe Lockout Station without Accessories

    Quantity Contents
    6 410 Red Padlocks
    2 0420 Hasp
    1 427 Hasp
    1 S806 Adjustable Cable Lockout
    1 488 Plug Lockout
    1 480 Gate Valve Lockout
    1 481 Gate Valve Lockout
    1 482 Gate Valve Lockout
    1 483 Gate Valve Lockout
    1 468L Handle Off-Seal Tight Lockout
    1 S3068 Ball Valve Lockout
    6 493B Circuit Breaker Lockouts
    2 491B Circuit Breaker Lockouts
    2 496B Universal Switch Lockout
    2 497A (Pk of 12) Do Not Operate Tags
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Technical Specifications
Group/Classification Lockout Kits & Stations
Purpose Lockout Station
Name/Trademark Deluxe Lockout Stations
Colour Yellow
Material Polycarbonate
Feature(s) Moveable Top/Bottom Tray Dividers
Quantity Per UOM 1
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