Anti Slip Vinyl Deck

  • Vinyl Deck has been designed to eradicate the risk of injuries, as well as to control traffic flows.
  • It is a vital addition to the flooring of any areas where there is heavy spillage or spoilage and for all newly laid floors.
  • Simple to apply permanently to any surface, Vinyl Deck can easily be cut to fit the site without impairing its anti-slip properties or precipitating delamination.
  • Whether used in heavy industry or in wet areas of canteens and change rooms, it will not fade, crack, lift or delaminate.
  • Vinyl Deck is also ideal for use on curved tanks or pipelines where access is required. Available in a range of standard and non-standard sizes.
  • Standard Grades: Commercial & Industrial.
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Technical Specifications
Group/Classification Visual Warning
Purpose Anti Slip Products
Name/Trademark Vinyl Deck
Colour Yellow
Material Vinyl
Quantity Per UOM 1
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